Professional Home Inspection Services License # 2497

Professional Home Inspection Services License # 2497

Professional Home Inspection Services License # 2497Professional Home Inspection Services License # 2497Professional Home Inspection Services License # 2497

  • InterNACHI Certified
  • 40+ Page Report w/ Photos
  • Infrared Camera Scan Included
  • Camera Drone Roof Scan Included
  • Local, Family Owned

About Us


Knowledgeable Home Inspection Expert

My name is Kewen (Kevin) Chen, the founder of The Trusses Property Inspector LLC.  We are a local, family-owned home inspection company. I am InterNACHI certified CPI (Certified Professional Inspector) and have been well mentored both from class and field training by the advance experienced senior professional home inspectors in this field plus hundreds of hours continuing education from InterNACHI. With advanced experience after inspected hundreds of properties during the past years, I am very confident with my expertise and professionalism in this field. In addition, I am certified to use Infrared Camera to detect structure moisture intrusion and energy consumption efficiency inside the buildings. We also welcome and encourage the clients to follow us during the whole inspection process which helps them to better understand what's been really going on with the issues we noticed the first moment. Any question during the entire inspection process, you are very welcomed to bring it up, no hesitation.

We Notice the Little Things

Not only do we identify issues, but we also make the right recommendations on how to correct issues. We utilize a meticulous home inspection process that ensures you will receive the most thorough, detailed home inspection services available.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

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Our Featured Services


Infrared Camera Scan

Infrared Camera Scan

Infrared Camera Scan

We have been acquiring a state-of-the-art, high resolution FLIR Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera and mastering its use for home inspections. Thermography does not put out any kind of radiation and cannot see "through" walls. Instead, it displays the light spectrum beyond what the naked eye can see. This light shows up brighter where there is more heat and darker where there is less heat. This is especially useful for detecting areas with a high heat contrast that may indicate a problem during the home inspection. Dangerous electrical issues can be located by heat, hidden leaks can be detected by cold and energy loss or missing insulation can now also be pinpointed. These are all areas that can be easily overlooked without a good IR camera. 


Camera Drone Flying

Infrared Camera Scan

Infrared Camera Scan

We inspect every roof as thoroughly as we can no matter how much the height and pitch the roof is. We are adopting the technology of high-end camera drone to inspect the roof if human traversing the roof is not practical. With high-definition images captured by drone, no any roof defect would be missed by our experienced analyzation afterwards.



Chinese Speaking Team

Chinese Speaking Team

Chinese Speaking Team

We are a bilingual team, speaking both Chinese Mandarin and English fluently which facilitates barrier-free communication for Mandarin-speaking clients to thoroughly understand what the real issues are on the report and what the better actions are for the next.


Same Day Report

Chinese Speaking Team

Chinese Speaking Team

We generate the thorough home inspection report with intuitive photos on the pages using #1 recommended profession report software, also guarantee issuing report the same day as the inspection.


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